Japan is a land of earthquakes.

Always remember: Japan is a country frequented by destructive earthquakes.

Japan stretches over four plates, where a lot of crustal movements are generated, resulting in frequent earthquakes. Actually, more than one-fifth of earthquakes of magnitude 6.0 and over have been occurring in Japan. Scientists predict that massive earthquakes, such as those of 1923 and 1703, each of which recorded magnitude 8.0 in the Kanto region, will strike Japan every two or three hundred years. Moreover, official research shows there is a seventy percent chance that a 7.0 earthquake will hit the Tokyo area between 2007 and 2037.

You should prepare against powerful earthquakes

When a powerful earthquakes strikes, a lot of wooden houses built before 2000 will be destroyed although stricter building standards had been introduced in June of 1981. Reinforcement would be the most effective work against earthquakes, but if such is financially difficult, a compact shelter could be a safety alternative as it will secure safe space even if a house is destroyed.

Occupying only one-fourth of tatami,
  compact shelter MY SHELL, will protect you
  from being crushed to death.

In case of disaster, survival should be top priority.

MY SHELL is a device which will help you survive even if your house is destroyed. Installing a unit is easy and takes no time, unlike reinforcement. Also, being unobtrusive, MY SHELL only occupies one-fourth of tatami, so every home should be able to house one. Being able to stand against 68 tons from above and 32 tons from around, MY SHELL will secure safe space even if a house is destroyed.

MY SHELL will protect your precious life. Installing a unit is essential for your survival in a devastating earthquake.

MY SHELL was featured by TV Tokyo as a novelty.

Outdoor shelter for 15 to 20 people.

  • シェルター
  • シェルター
  • シェルター
  • シェルター
  • シェルター
  • コンパクトシェルター畳1/4 MY SHELL
  • コンパクトシェルター畳1/4 MY SHELL
  • コンパクトシェルター畳1/4 MY SHELL
  • コンパクトシェルター畳1/4 MY SHELL
  • コンパクトシェルター畳1/4 MY SHELL
  • コンパクトシェルター畳1/4 MY SHELL

Find your ultimate alternative in MY SHELL, a compact shelter occupying only one-fourth of tatami.

MY SHELL [compact shelter]

Made on order. Payable in monthly installments. Price: JPY 1,300,000


Semicolumn(width 840mm
x depth 420mm
x height 1,330mm)
Column(width 840mm
x depth 840mm
x height 1,330mm)

Patent and reqistered designs

  • Earthquake Shelter and Tsunami Shelter
  • Earthquake Shelter (Patent No.5469137)
  • Earthquake Shelter (Registered design Nos.1419425 and 1407077)

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